Hearts Cracked Open – Backbend Yoga Practice



Yoga opens our hearts.

Every time I do a backbend class I feel extraordinary. My heart is massive like the ocean and all I want to do is sing, dance and love. Then life challenges me and my heart shrinks – so I do yoga again and my heart is massive again. It’s the same circle again and again. However, every now and then, I feel like there is a crack in the wall that surrenders my heart. And that crack becomes bigger and bigger and I can see through it – and I love those moments, when my heart stays open. And I wish one day my heart will stay open forever. This is the place to be – with no judgement, no separation, no better or worse, no “I am not good enough”. I love people and life. I love feeling at one with the world. And that’s not all that comes from bending my spine backward.

Practising Backbends

Practising backbends, with safe alignment, has profound effects on our physical body and energy as we are exposing ourselves to the most optimum flow of energy in our bodies. Backbends realign the spine; relieve back pain, bronchial distress, scoliotic deformities, and tennis elbow. They will once and forever heal your shoulder injuries and neck and throat tension. The most important thing to remember in backbend is to maintain the correct shoulder alignment. Curling the shoulder blades down and into the heart, as the front of the chest lifts (shoulder loop), makes you a single expression of the expansive pulsation of the heart.

Bowing to Ganesh


Today I bow to GANESH who is the obstacles remover – Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles. It is my special gift from Steve and travelled all the way from India. I keep it next to my bed among other heart cracking magic wands. Please, please take me out of my mind where obstacles are perceived, where the separation and judgements starts. Let me dive in the ocean of my heart and keep my heart cracked open.

I want to be flooded with total and absolute Love without obstacles as it is only in my mind that obstacles are perceived.

Some people say that Ganesh puts the obstacles in front of us to make us realise that the problem is not the obstacle but our state of mind perceiving the obstacle to be there. So we need to work with the state of mind or simply step into the ocean of the heart.

I want to meet you there as we stay together anchoring ourselves in our hearts.

See you on the mat with heart cracked open!


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