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rotator cuff and how to stabilise the glenohumeral joint

The body is a tool, made to give us the possibility to take action. Without it we would not be able to carry out any idea conceived in our minds, whether it is taking the trash out, winning the olympics or practising yoga asana. As the body is constructed of physical matter, the key to

The “Perfect” Chaturanga for Maximum Shoulder Stability and Strength

Chaturanga is one of the yoga poses that cause the most wear and tear and injuries in yoga. Done with poor alignment, not enough shoulder girdle stability and repeated over and over in a practice is a recipe for injury. Let’s start with a bit of anatomy. While the hip joint is designed for its stability, the shoulder girdle is known more for its

Deep Core Activation

Practically everything you do in yoga is engaging your core, from core-centric poses to moving from pose to pose, using your core to stabilize your body. Core strengthening is one of those fitness goals that we all know we should be doing more of. Many people associate the word “core” with abs, but fortunately , there is so much more than that. As

Is My Pelvis Neutral?

A great place to start in assessing your pelvis is examining your standing posture—specifically, the position of your spine as it attaches to your pelvis. Your spine has two natural curves: slight flexion in your thoracic spine (kyphosis), and slight extension in your lumbar spine (lordosis). When the musculature of your hips is out of

Sun Salutation B – Modify and Stabilise!

Surya Namaskara B is the most vigorous and longest cycle of traditional sun salutations.  The Ashtanga practice starts with five repetitions of SNA followed by five repetitions of SNB and this method will certainly prepare the body and mind for any asana practice!  You will find with the more repetitions you do, your body and