About Anusara

ANUSARA YOGA helps you radically change the way you look at life and recognise the infinite possibilities of your own existence. WOW!

This unique method of hatha yoga, founded in 1997 by John Friend, became one of the most popular forms of yoga practised all over the world. Its popularity may have something to do with the positivism of SHIVA - SHAKTI TANTRA philosophy. Anusara Yoga integrates biomechanical principles of alignment with the celebration of the heart and spirit. Simply - ANUSARA ROCKS! - whenever you do Anusara class you will have a BLAST!

It's a balance of playful discovery, mindfulness, challenging physical practice and inspiring philosophy. It is a slower paced yoga focusing on each pose and how to get there, to help build strength, and prevent injury. It is a  style that puts much emphasis on perfecting alignment, listening to your body, and working within your means as you learn and challenge yourself at your own pace.

All ANUSARA teachers have to go through the rigorous teacher training program that makes them highly skilled, caring and innovative teachers. Find the right teacher! The one you like. When you find that teacher who resonates with you, stick with them. Trust your intuition! For more about Anusara please go to www.anusara.com

By definition, ANUSARA specifically means to go with the flow of nature, the flow of grace or to follow your heart. In Anusara yoga, the asana poses, when combined with the universal principles of alignment, deepen your connection with the divine.


In order (and yes, the sequence is essential) they are:

Opening to Grace and Setting the Foundation
Muscular Energy
Inner Spiral (Expanding Spiral)
Outer Spiral (Contracting Spiral)
Organic Energy

Phrases you might hear in my classes: Open to Possibility, Melt your heart, Be open like a sky, Inner body bright, Open to Grace, Let your heart shine.