How to stay mentally/spiritually fit?

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Yoga practice, as any of many physical exercises, encourages us to stay fit. Exactly as going to gym, TRX, boot camps or running, we work out our muscles to keep us strong and healthy and fight against gravity. As we all know, the body that is not exercised deteriorates - the muscles become saggy and our physical strength diminishes. The same thing happens with yoga - we work against GRAVITY - to stay strong and flexible, lubricating our joints and bringing more circulation into our muscles and internal organs. The same discipline applies to our MINDS. As we all know yoga is a spiritual practice. It’s the mind-body-spirit experience. Exactly as we practice our physical bodies we want to train our attitudinal muscles and stay spiritually fit.

From my observations, we indulge ourselves in our life baggage, past wounds and darkness rather than claiming our Light - which is our birth right. Yoga teachings remind us again and again about choosing light and love opposite to fear.
Every time we choose to reach out with love we step into our power. Every time we go to fear, scepticism, judgment or anger we drag ourselves down - those qualities are the gravitational forms within our minds that disempower us. Living from a place of love is a choice like physical exercise is a choice. You can become a couch potato and never exercise as you are free to allow your body to weaken - but that choice leads to certain consequences. We can always say I don't want to live that kind of life, I want to make a choice. I want to exercise my body, I want to strengthen my muscles, I want to choose a different approach to life. Why? Because we want to be happy!.

Living on this planet each day we have opportunities that will keep us mentally/spiritually fit or bring us down. We want to dedicate ourself to build a new musculature within our minds, attitude and behaviour.

How to stay spiritually fit? - Why? because we want to be happy!

1. Inform your consciousness, with higher truth. Meditate first. Do your Yoga practice first. Pray first. Fill your mind and body with LIGHT. Because if we give ourselves over to the consciousness of FEAR - it is very very difficult to bring yourself back to Light.
After waking up in the morning - do not give away your power by going directly to the TV, radio or Computer and taking in all the pain of the world (which is manipulated by the media anyway). Take a moment of stillness before your day begins and connect with Light within.

2. Dedicate your day to stay in service.
I remain in peace within myself so I can stay in my power and offer my better self to others. How can I use my body, my talents, my skills to serve others and make this planet a better place? Simple gestures of kindness, listening, compassion, offering help make a huge difference.

3. Don’t act from your wounds, don't close your heart, don't be impolite, don't lack compassion. Give little bit more - remember it is not just about you. Do not judge people - start helping them to rise instead. With every thought choose the loving perspective, choosing to remain high and fit spiritually. We have a choice - we can choose to see things differently.

4. Another powerful tool for healing all relationships - family, work, casual and intimate is “blessing with love.” When someone is doing something to disrupt the harmony of your life, bless them with love. You can do this in several ways. You can say, “I bless you with love, and I bring harmony to this situation,” or “I bless you with love, and I release you and let you go,” or “I release you to your highest good.”

When we practice all the principles consistently, something happens on the unseen side of life and our lives change for the better.

Best of luck!


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