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every Tuesday 5pm KUNDALINI YOGA @ JOY YOGA 

every Tuesday 7pm  and every Thursday 7pm @ yoga4men

A 75 minute class incorporating strength, balance, and flexibility - stimulating the mind and restoring the body.

After my classes you will feel like you not only had a good work out, you will also feel really calm and grounded.

You will learn specific bio-mechanical alignment principles which will afford greater opening, helping to prevent injury and allowing for greater freedom in your yoga postures. My intention is to help you to open and soften your heart, to align with the bigger energy around you and to feel a sense of empowerment.

Some poses affect mood and energy differently. Poses that are more stimulating include Sun Salutation, backbends, and standing poses. These poses are best done early in the day. More appropriate for the evening are forward bends, inversions, and restorative poses. Sitting forward bends are ideal for relaxing and recharging.